What's up?

I’m Lúcás: currently a first-year MSc student at EPFL.

This is my personal website, where I write blog posts regularly, and keep a tab on all the projects I’ve worked on.

My main interest is in Cryptography, particularly in engineering robust implementations. I’ve done work on protecting implementations against timing attacks, as well as implementing MPC protocols.

I’ve also been programming since 2017 or so, and I try to have a somewhat public profile on the things I do. Topics I’ve enjoyed here include Functional Programming, Web Programming, Distributed Programming, and Programming Languages. I’ve programmed in a plethora of languages, from C, to Haskell, Rust, Go, Scala, Java, Python, etc. having written small to large-ish projects in each of them.

I also like Math quite a bit, so that’s a recurring topic in my posts as well. Interests there include Algebra and Category Theory.


I try and write a blog post every week or so, usually on either technical topics, or about some topic in Math. The posts often stem from ongoing work on whatever projects I’m working on at some point in time.

If you want to stay up to date, I’d recommend checking out the RSS feed.


I try to orient my work around concrete projects. These range from small weekend-projects, to games, to libraries, to programming languages. My Github provides an even more complete overview.


I sometimes put up rough notes for things I’m studying, or working on here.